ESC-T Technical School and Certification Exam

Next date: 25th Sep 2017 - 5 day course
Location: CEDIA Training Centre, St Neots
Spaces available: 11

CEDIA's Technical School is the second part of the City &Guilds Smart Home Technician accredited programme, and is essential for the ESC-T certification exam.

This programme is aimed at individuals with either some, or little industry experience who wish to get a thorough grounding of the engineering principles that form the foundations of the home technology industry.

All the subjects covered were well explained with enthusiasm and peppered with industry specific anecdotes. I feel that I got a huge amount out of the week, and it has given me the knowledge and confidence needed to expand my business fully into the home technology Industry.

Simon O'Connell, Angel Projects Ltd
This course, combined with Boot camp, will cover almost the complete curriculum required for the CEDIA ESC-T Certification exam, as well as applying the theory to real-world situations. Practical sessions are included during the week where attendees will look at essential skills such as basic audio and video calibration and ADSL Router configuration.
The course is split into four days as follows:

An installation engineer should clearly understand their role in the wider aspects of the projects they are involved in. This allows engineers to plan their time, work with other team members and communicate in the most efficient way possible.

This course will explore all of the project and business processes that a Home Technology Professional can expect to be involved in.

Topics covered include:

  • Project phases
  • Working onsite – the builders project phases
  • Stakeholders and the engineer
  • Being part of the business
  • Maintenance and warranty the engineers role

Day 2 – Basic Wired and Wireless Networking

Ideal for both beginners and individuals looking to learn, formalise and increase their IP networking knowledge, this course is the vital primer to understand the Internet Protocol (IP), its place in residential networks and how to implement within typical projects.

Topics covered include:

  • Layers 1-3 of the 7 layer OSI Model and how they relate to networks
  • Applying the OSI model in network troubleshooting
  • Recognising and understanding basic network hardware
  • IP Addressing - using the right addresses for the right job
  • The difference between server, client and infrastructure devices

Day 3 – Smart Home Control & Lighting Systems

Ideal for new and developing installation engineers and technicians, this course will aid professionals learn more about integrating lighting control into their projects, and explore the topics of lighting specific control, in the context of a smart home installation.

The course is also the ideal primer for the curriculum of the ESC-T certification exam.

Topics covered include:

  • Lighting dimiming protocols
  • LED control
  • DIY lighting controls
  • Part L compliance
  • Basic heating and cooling
  • The DIY market place

Day 4 – Home Cinema and HD Video Distribution

Integrating audio, video and control system together into a home cinema environment, is a common task for smart home designers and installers.

This course will provide attendees the essential skills and understanding required for any new and developing installers. Exploring the ways in which video sources in a home cinema are often distributed to other rooms, attendees will be introduced to HDMI, baluns and HDBaseT, alongside the workings of IP delivered video content.

The topics covered in this course include:

  • The role of the AV receiver in a home cinema room
  • Configuring common sources of AV content
  • Video display technologies and setup
  • Speaker system technologies and setup
  • Basic audio and video calibration
  • HD Video distribution methods
  • The home cinema environment

The ESC-T Certification Exam is held on the final day of the week after a revision session, and comprises 100 multiple choice questions to be completed within two hours.

Included in the cost of the course are:

  • Course Workbooks
  • The CEDIA ESC-T certification exam

Lunch and refreshments throughout the day

There will be lots of time during the week for individual questions and topic reviews. There are a maximum of 12 places available on this course. Hours will be from 09.30 to 16.30.

Full logistics details will be sent out one week before the course by E-Mail.

Please click here to view full course curriculum.

Next dates for this course:

25th Sep 2017 at CEDIA Training Centre, St Neots >>> Book Course Now

27th Nov 2017 at CEDIA HQ, St Neots >>> Book Course Now

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"This course offers a great knowledge base for the CI industry by covering technical aspects from networking and home cinema, to RF systems. The training team clearly have years of experience and a vast fountain of knowledge."
Daniel Newton, iHomes Cheshire

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