CEDIA Course Instructors


Simon Buddle - CEDIA Instructor

Simon Buddle - Education Director, CEDIA

Having spent six years as a signals instructor for the Parachute Regiment, Simon moved into the hi-fi industry via a leading North London store. He has spent twelve years in the custom install business, starting as an Installation Engineer and moving to Installation Manager at the world-renowned hi-fi specialists, Linn Products, before joining SMC as a systems designer and programmer.

Simon is now Education Director at CEDIA EMEA.

Geoff Meads - CEDIA Instructor

Geoff Meads - Managing Director, Presto

Geoff Meads is a long serving and highly respected trainer and marketeer with over twenty years experience in the audio / video industry. Having worked for companies such as Philips and Arcam, and having seen the global industry from New York to New Zealand, Geoff truly understands the demands of modern business.

Geoff set up Presto, a web design and digital marketing agency, in 2009 which now works with some of the most prestigious companies in the AV and CI sector. Geoff's ability to simplify even the most technical subjects makes him ideally placed as lead instructor for CEDIA EMEA.

Matt Dodd - CEDIA Instructor

Matt Dodd - Managing Director, Clavia

Matt Dodd is Managing Director of Clavia. He has been a CEDIA member since 2005 first with ThinkingBricks and more recently with Clavia.

Prior to forming ThinkingBricks with his business partner Ian Trudgeon, Matt spent 10 years in the corporate hospitality marketplace developing new training strategies for the finance and marketing directorate.

Working alongside like minded professionals within the industry, Matt has developed bespoke, creative and interactive training material. By maintaining a passion for interactive learning, and by working closely with his clients and learners, he has delivered a list of highly motivational seminars.

Guy Singleton - CEDIA Instructor

Guy Singleton - Managing Director, Imagine This

Guy Singleton is a qualified electrical engineer and the Managing Director of Imagine This UK, a specialist systems integration company. He started in the CI sector in 1997, after a long career as an electrical design engineer, with a one of the largest CI companies in the sector. He set up Imagine This UK in 1998 and joined CEDIA shortly after. He has worked as a consultant with Crestron as part of their UK lighting development program and other manufacturers in engineering specific terms. He is a certified ISF instructor and delivers these courses as part of the global ISF certification program. Guy has guided Imagine This to a number of CEDIA, Crestron and HCC awards and is involved in all elements of the design and engineering process. Guy resides on the CEDIA education council and specifically drives towards developing industry standards and nationally recognised qualifications. Guy lives in the Kentish countryside with his wife and two boys, he is a keen photographer and enjoys running and cycling.

Mal Fisher - CEDIA Instructor

Mal Fisher - Technical and Training Manager, AWE Europe

Mal Fisher is Technical and Training Manager for AWE Europe, a CEDIA distributor member for over 20 CI brands.  He is also a member of the Education Committee.

Starting off in this industry as a junior installer, Mal joined AWE five years ago to spearhead their training program on a wide variety of skills and product types, and helping to develop several certification systems, winning a variety of honours and two consecutive CEDIA Awards.

Associate Instructors

Phill Poston - CEDIA Instructor

Phill Poston - Managing Director, CAD Enterprise

Phill Poston is the Managing Director of CAD Enterprise Ltd, a Computer Aided Design consultancy that has been trading for 10 years throughout the UK. Phill has written and presented the Armour HE CAD course for the last 15 years, and more recently written and presented the CEDIA CAD course. In his spare time (if he ever gets any), Phill is a qualified football Referee and a Black Belt Karate instructor (sometimes these go 'hand-in-hand'). Hobbies include surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.. but not all at the same time.

Gregg Loewen - CEDIA Instructor

Gregg Loewen - THX

Gregg Loewen has been the Lead THX Video Standards Instructor for THX Ltd since the inception of the THX Video Professional Training Program in 2007. Gregg also worked as part of the team to create and implement the program. Gregg has worked within the home theater industry for more than a decade and specialises in techniques specific to color correction, video setup, and calibration.

Gregg has a passion for home theater and seriously endeavors to impart his breadth of knowledge on to each and every student he has the pleasure of interacting with.


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