Education Pathways

CEDIA's Certification program is recognised throughout the industry to promote to consumers that companies with CEDIA Certified employees offer uncompromising quality and expertise.

You can use CEDIA pathways to plan your:

  • Career paths
  • Training options
  • Course choices

Currently there are four Certification exams: ESC-T CEDIA Certified Installer, ESC-D Designer Level 1, ESC-N Residential Networking Specialist and Home Cinema Design Specialist. Whilst Certification is not mandatory for CEDIA Membership, those companies employing certified individuals will be promoted on the www.cedia.org CEDIA Member 'Finder Service.'

To help new engineers kick start their careers and to help existing industry colleagues develop CEDIA have created educational tracks or "Pathways" to guide you through the right training courses:

I still don't know what course to take!

If you are unsure about which courses might me right for you CEDIA education staff can review your needs and recommend the right education for your personal needs. To ask for help simply contact the education team to discuss options.

But I'd rather choose courses myself?

Although not recommended for new engineers, those who have previous related experience may choose to supplement their previous training with CI specific courses. Why not visit our course calendar to see what's coming up or see our most popular courses?

Education Vouchers

Booking multiple courses, longer courses or for a whole company? Save time and money with CEDIA Education Vouchers!

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