CEDIA Education Vouchers

Education Vouchers

CEDIA is dedicated to support the training needs of its members. However, we realise that allocating the finances and the time for training staff can sometimes be challenging for our members.

With this in mind CEDIA are pleased to introduce the new Education Voucher Scheme which gives CEDIA members flexibility when budgeting for training and save them money at the same time!

How will the vouchers help me?

The scheme has been developed to benefit all members, regardless of the size of their business. There are package prices to suit all training needs, each one will save time and paperwork by combining an entire year of training in a single purchase.

There are a number of buying options:

Vouchers can be used by any employee of the purchasing company and are valid for any CEDIA training event within EMEA. For a full list of upcoming courses see our course calendar.

What does a voucher get me?

Each voucher buys a one day CEDIA face to face training course. Currently there are 19 different courses on offer spread between Installer, Designer and Business Owner curriculums. Multiple vouchers can be combined for courses that are longer than one day.

Students wishing to sit a certification exam (such as EST2, ESD1 or Residential Networking Specialist) can book their exam in exchange for two vouchers.

We're constantly working with our partners across the globe to allow vouchers to be used for a wide range of courseware in a number of geographical locations. We'll continue to increase the number of courses that the vouchers can be redeemed against so purchased vouchers will increase in value over time!

Terms and conditions

Here are the outline terms and conditions

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