Jul 9, 2018

ESSENTIAL INSTALL: The Value of Education 
Richard Colman, Company Director at CEDIA member, Luxe Smart Homes, discusses how attending industry training allowed him to set up a successful installation company and why all integrators should maintain standards by regularly signing up for education courses.
I joined CEDIA just over a year ago, as I wanted to gain access to their training program at the membership prices. I was the first inductee under the “individual membership” programme. I was transitioning from a different industry and needed to gain a solid understanding of how to set up an installation company and all the various aspects involved in doing so. I’m now 12 months on from this stage, and looking back, I don’t think I would be where I am today if it hadn’t been for that CEDIA training I initially undertook.
I drove up and down the M25/M1 for three consecutive weekends as I threw myself into the Boot camp, Technical School, and Networking School courses. While my brain may have been slightly overwhelmed by the sheer breadth of information I was taking in, it was all fitting into place and building upon the knowledge I had already learnt myself through playing around with AVRs, projectors, and computer networks in the past. 
I think the biggest thing I took from those first few weeks was the confidence to go into a new industry and be taught with the highest of standards that CEDIA is committed to delivering. Once I had completed my ESC-T and ESC-N certifications, I was able to apply what I had learnt instantly when working on site. When I encountered fellow technicians who had years more experience than I had, who didn’t understand the reason for using one wireless radio channel over another, or when to use a Cat 6a cable instead of Cat 6, I knew that the investment I made in training myself in those first couple of weeks was immediately paying off.
After I completed the previously mentioned CEDIA courses, I then dived into product-specific training courses with AWE, Invision, Control4, and Lutron. This advanced my knowledge even further — to the point where I can now design, specify, install, and maintain an overall home automation control system that can incorporate a home cinema, lighting routines, and smart home security.
Another benefit of continued professional development that has helped me grow my business is all the fantastic people you meet on these courses. There are usually plenty of breaks and lunchtime chats to discuss the state of the industry or the latest technological innovation. Not only that, after leaving the classroom, it’s been invaluable to be able to communicate with colleagues and friends on a regular basis. I’ve been able to build up a network that has years more experience than I have but have all happily helped me along my way. Even junior technicians who I have met at these courses have been able to make connections post-classroom that have led them to further employment opportunities. 
My company is growing at a rapid pace, and I’ll be looking to take on new staff members in the coming months. I’m a firm believer in investing in human capital as a means to attract, secure, and retain talent in the future. A well-motivated, fully educated technician is going to have a calmer and more professional demeanour when facing challenges that present themselves on site. 
So, for all those companies that have wondered where the value is in sending their staff on training courses, be it at CEDIA or at one of the many distributors and manufacturers that offer excellent training facilities, think about the time a knowledgeable technician will save you on site, the extra money that will keep the smile on his or her face, and the more significant number on your bottom line for having a fully trained workforce.
About Luxe Smart Homes
Technology has always been a constantly forward turning wheel and Luxe Smart Homes believe that over the next couple of years, everybody’s home will have the opportunity to reap the rewards of the sharp increase in innovative technology in Home Automation, the likes of which we have never seen before, being installed in residential homes.
We understand the potential that this technology holds in complimenting and enriching your lifestyle and offer solutions to best enable them in your home within your budget. Thorough and constant research in the newest technologies that “Silicon Valley” and beyond has to offer, allows us to identify which will integrate best into your home.
We focus our designs to fit seamlessly into the aesthetic of each room within your home and have successfully collaborated with architects and interior design companies when called upon. Upon installation we work with all other onsite trades in a respectful and professional manner ensuring our equipment is always installed on time. Once the installation is complete we spend time in familiarising yourself with all aspects of the technology integrated into your home and offer various maintenance packages to suit your needs in the future.
Whilst based in Surrey, we also service the surrounding Home Counties as well as large areas of London. All of our staff are certified by the CEDIA trade association, giving you the peace of mind that every aspect of your project is designed, installed and maintained to the highest standards within the home technology industry.

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