CEDIA Education Returns to India

Oct 3, 2018

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CEDIA® is returning to India at the end of this month with an exclusive three-day event that is packed full of cutting-edge training courses that will allow integrators to network, further their industry knowledge, and learn how to apply these new skills to their own projects. Hosted at the Lutron Training Facility in New Delhi from 31st October to 2nd November, CEDIA instructor, Peter Aylett will deliver four must-attend courses during the event — all of which will be available with a Hindi translation —and can be booked as a package for £200.

“We’re continuing to see a considerable rise in the number of CEDIA members based in India, so we’re delighted to be able to offer the community another industry training event this October” comments Matt Nimmons, Managing Director at CEDIA EMEA. “This training event is a truly exciting opportunity to educate and train members from the expanding Indian community and help them apply the knowledge that they will learn to their own business. With five courses taking place throughout the three days, it’s set to be a very productive experience for all.”


Peter Aylett, CEDIA member and Chair of the CEDIA Technology Council, will deliver the informative training courses. Peter is President and CTO at Archimedia, a multiple CEDIA award-winning technology integration company. In demand as a speaker and lecturer in residential technology, Peter is a 28-year industry veteran, has been teaching on behalf of CEDIA for 17 years, and was awarded CEDIA’s 2014 Training Volunteer of the year and 2015 Special Recognition accolades.


Exclusively for CEDIA members, the CEDIA Outreach Instructor course, which is designed to provide attendees with the tools they need to engage with the design community, will be hosted on the first day of this event. The one-day course focusses on story-telling and presentation skills and will help members to deliver an effective and inspiring presentation, as well as giving them the tools to directly engage with the design community and inspire them about the potential of integrated technology. 


On the second day, visitors will be able to attend the Developing your Design Documentation course, which will outline best practise in project documentation over a project lifecycle, using a mix of teaching and collaborative group work. In the afternoon, the Emerging Trends Workshop will explore how both consumer and technology trends will affect your business, with actionable plans that will help delegates to confidently plan for their company’s future.


The Acoustic Treatment — The Pragmatic Way course on Friday 2nd November will outline the simple steps that can be used for any space to deliver high-performance results every time, with lively debate across all aspects of acoustic design. Later in the day, the 10 Steps to Maximising Projected Image Quality session will look at how room design merges with equipment specification to create image quality. Attendees will discuss what makes a great image and how to take this into

account on every design in a way that balances room performance with room aesthetics.


Ankur Bhatt, Owner of CEDIA member company, Sound Sense has been attending the CEDIA training events in India for a number of years. “The impact of CEDIA in the Indian market has been slowly and steadily on the rise, the leading factor for which is the increase in awareness regarding the CEDIA training course offerings. Each course is diligently pieced together and taught by some of the world’s leading technical experts. The course coverage is extensive and must be revisited from time to time and implemented in real time to truly make the most of this knowledge base.


“We have been attending CEDIA courses every year since 2015 and have made it mandatory for our team to attend such courses along with us. We make the recommendations for each team member based on their ranks/technical knowledge base. We also conduct weekly training sessions internally where we revisit topics from these courses and address issues that arise during practical implementation at client sites. Additionally, our clients are able to get on-board to our project suggestions with more ease now, as the once hard to understand topics can now be broken down into comprehendible bullet points. This is only due to the training from CEDIA and the consequent increase in confidence that we all feel each day while dealing with clients as well as installations. We thank CEDIA for investing the time and effort in the Indian market to promote and push the importance of industry standards and the need for adherence to attain exceptional results.”


The CEDIA Outreach Instructor Course on 31st October is free to attend for CEDIA members. The other courses are £65/£85 each (Approx. INR6200/INR8000), with two sessions on the same day available for £100/£150 (Approx. IN9500/INR14200). All of the courses can be booked as a package from £200.


For more information on CEDIA’s Indian Training event and to book your place please visit www.cedia.co.uk/cedia-events

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