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Feb 10, 2012

CEDIA has announced dates for its new ‘Wired for Technology’ course aimed specifically at electrical contractors keen to find out more about the smart homes industry and learn about the skills needed to profit in this emerging sector.

Hosted at CEDIA’s centrally located training facility in St. Neots, near Cambridge, the one day course will be taking place on 22 February, 10 April and 23 May 2012. The course will provide an important grounding in the residential CI (custom installation) market, allowing contractors to explore the countless possibilities for integrated electronic systems in the home. These cover audio and video technologies, home cinema, lighting, security and HVAC control, data networking and communications. This will allow contractors to apply their existing knowledge and build on it to help with future business growth and diversification.

“Electrical contractors want to know about custom installation,” says Matt Dodd, CEDIA’s Education Chair. “They are keen to develop their skills and help grow the market for home technology. So, we have worked hard to develop a course that gives an insight into the CI industry and explores the opportunities that there are for electrical contractors to expand their services into this sector.”

The price of the course is £79 + VAT. All day time meals and refreshments are included in the cost.

For those wanting to progress from this course the CEDIA Technician EST1 Boot Camp and/or the one week CEDIA Technical School and EST2 Exam are available.

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